Shipping Rate

Shipping Rate


These are our shipping rates:

For packages up to 100 cm

Germany: 7,90 Euro with GLS (15,90 Euro with UPS)
Austria: 6,90 Euro with GLS or national post (9,90 Euro with UPS)
Other EU countries: 14,90 Euro with GLS (19,90 Euro with UPS)
Worldwide: Usually around 29,90 Euro with UPS. In some cases we can also ship with national post service which is cheaper.


For packages longer than 100 cm

This applies usually to all KIWAMI Fabric, FR, VL Flock and IR Flock rolls if you order 1m or longer.

Germany: 22,90 Euro with GLS
Austria: 12,90 Euro with GLS
Other EU countries: 19,90 Euro - 29,90 Euro with GLS
Worldwide: Minimum 34,90 Euro with UPS. We will calculate the real costs depending on your zip code and will inform you if we need to adjust the shipping costs or not for your order.


The additional price is for Standard UPS shipping (not Express). If you require Express shipping, please contact us in advance to confirm availability.

After shipping, delivery to European countries typically takes around 2-5 days. Worldwide shipping (excluding Express) usually takes 5-10 days with UPS.





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