Fineshut KIWAMI Ultrablack sheet (with thinner tape DIC#8616UJ)




Fineshut KIWAMI is a special upgrade Fineshut SP that improves the surface shape and further improves the anti-reflective performance. It is formed of asperities like light shielding grooves and absorbs light emitted from the direction perpendicular to the grooves.

If you need custom cut parts like on the photo, please contact us for a quote! 

Why Fineshut KIWAMI?

  • Upgraded Fineshut SP
  • Best anti-reflection performance in the near IR region
  • NO hair loss problems specific to flocking
  • Comply with RoHS 2.0 regulations

Especially in the near infrared region, it has the best anti-reflection performance among our materials we handle, and achieved a total hemispherical reflectance of 1% or less in a wide wavelength range of 250 to 2000 nm. This amazing performance is achieved with a thinness of only 0.37 mm.

The base material is fine urethane foam similar to Fineshut SP, so it retains its features such as durability and ease of handling. There are no hair loss problems specific to flocking and large reflections in the near infrared range, and even with a slight contact like plating and deposition coating, gloss is generated and performance does not deteriorate significantly. We also comply with RoHS 2.0 regulations.


Live shot comparison with other anti-reflective material

Here are two images taken with a normal camera and a near infrared camera. You can compare and confirm the stable anti-reflection performance of Fineshut KIWAMI.


  • Suppress stray light for optical device
  • Absorption of scattered light by laser processing machines
  • Non-reflective table for 3D scanning
  • Work bench mat for assembly and visual inspection
  • LiDAR target
  • Still life photograph's background

It is also recommended for mount adapter.


Product Specifications

Total 0.42mm ± 0.05 mm
(Fineshut KIWAMI 0.37 mm + Thinner Adhesive tape 0.05 mm)


Caution on use

In order to maximize the light absorption effect by the groove shape on the surface, please make sure that the direction of the grooves are perpendicular to the light source.

There is light transmission due to microfoaming and grooves, so it can not be used for shading applications.


* When viewed by the naked eye, each person's perception of "blackness" may differ depending on the lighting environment and other conditions. 


Total reflectance values of our materials are based on the industry-standard AOI 8° index. Total reflectance is the measurement result of combining both diffuse reflection and specular reflection measurements. AOI 8° means that the light is incident at an angle of 8° from the normal. 

For example, based on this index, our "Foam" series consistently absorbs light from ultraviolet to near-infrared light ranges. This performance is achieved by the uneven structure derived from the foaming process and the composition of carbon atoms blended into the resin. 

We also offer a variety of fabrics. Our entry-level “VL Flock Sheet” is cost-effective and provides strong light-absorption performance in the visible light range. In contrast, our “IR Flock Sheet” provides improved ultraviolet and excellent infrared light-absorption performance, which are the weak points of the entry-level VL Flock Sheet. Our premium fabrics, Musou Black Fabric FR and Musou Black Fabric KIWAMI, are our blackest products and have the best visible-light absorbing performances. The FR variant is treated to be fire-resistant and is great for indoor use. Meanwhile, our flagship, Musou Black Fabric KIWAMI, is the World’s Blackest Fabric in the visible-light range. 

Musou Black Paint's light-absorption performance will vary depending on the painting method, so please keep that in mind when applying. For best results, please apply with an air-brush.  



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